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Puppy Preschool

We have been running the Puppy Preschool at Kogarah Veterinary Hospital since 2005. During that time we have graduated hundreds of well behaved puppies!

We encourage all puppies to attend Puppy Preschool between 10 – 16 weeks of age. We have found that it is extremely beneficial for both the puppy and the owners, and a lot of fun!

Some of the topics covered in our course include:

  • Socialising with other people and other puppies.
  • How to interact with your puppy in a way that they will understand.
  • Basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and drop.
  • How to combat destructive behaviours such as biting, digging, toilet training etc.
  • Pups are played cd’s of thunderstorms and firecrackers so they are not afraid of these at an older age.
  • Owners learn about dangerous diseases and preventive health issues.

Our classes run on a Tuesday night at 7 pm for 3 consecutive weeks. These classes are run by a veterinarian, so you get the right advice the first time.

Please contact us for more information on our next available class!